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Providing nutrient dense Regenerative Beef directly to our customers whilst repairing the environment.

The elements that makes Glendalough Farm what it is

How it works


The Grazing

Using Landscape Function Grazing to improve landscape function, sequester carbon, improve bio-diversity, improve the small water cycle, drought proofing the landscape and to build healthy soils for future generations.


Animal Welfare

Using low stress animal handling techniques to ensure that animals on our farm have the best possible life. Always provided with fresh feed, fresh water and the best of care these animals have a far better life than grazing animals in the wild.

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Through direct sales, we aim to establish a community of like minded people who cares about where their food comes from and how it effects the environment. We invite you to come along on our journey towards a better future. As part of this, we offer an annual complimentary farm tour and BBQ for you to get to know us and the farm better. Instead of certifications we want our customers to know and trust us to be doing the right thing.

Building a Community
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