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Welcome to the rolling green hills of Glendalough Farm

Glendalough Farm is located in Ferndale, Victoria, 127km southeast of Melbourne. The 235HA (580 acres) property is nestled in the Strzelecki ranges with rich soils and good annual rainfall. The property is owned by Greenfleet, a not-for-profit carbon offset organization, and we have entered into a partnership with them where our role is to farm one half of the property in order to see how much carbon we can sequester into the soil whilst the other half is being reforested. 

Together we have designed the farm in way that the steepest and least accessible parts will be restored to native biodiverse forest with the remaining areas retained as grazing paddocks, demonstrating how these two approaches to climate action can successfully coexist.


In December of 2021 a number soils test was conducted across the property to establish a baseline for soil carbon levels. Every few years more soil tests will be conducted giving us the unique opportunity to show our customers exactly how much carbon has been sequestered for every kilogram of beef produced.

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